In "Rostec" told what weapons are most in demand abroad

Military-technical cooperation "Rostec" the main demand abroad can be traced to the production of the air force and air defense, said at a meeting with Vladimir Putin the General Director of state Corporation Sergey Chemezov.

"The portfolio of orders has remained at a level of 2018 is 51.1 billion us dollars – a large package, and the memory we have stored the third year. Although we do it, but at the same time, signed again," he said, speaking of the results in 2019.

While at the beginning of 2020 portfolio accounted for $ 55 billion.

The head of Rostec added that in the past year met all the state defence order contracts.

"If in 2018 we had 26220 contracts in 2019 – 29170 contracts, that is, the number of contracts have increased significantly, including increased level of contracts," - said Chemezov.