In Madrid will impose additional restrictions on coronavirus

The authorities of Madrid decided to introduce additional health measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus COVID-19 in the capital region, said the head of government of the community of Madrid Isabel díaz Also.

Prior to that, according to the order of the Spanish government, a mask had to be worn in transport, any enclosed public places, on the streets, if it is not possible to observe two meters of social distance. Now the wearing of masks is mandatory, even if it is possible to keep the distance. Earlier similar measures were adopted in other Autonomous communities of the country, except for the Canary Islands.

Also recognized that and now the vast majority of the locals wear masks, but said that the authorities will do this as "mandatory in all public places," including terraces.

"The challenge now is not to get infected again, to introduce a series of measures to not go back and avoid a complete quarantine, which we were subjected in the first stage," said Ayuso. She also expressed concern over "the behaviour of many young people" and urged them "to understand that they are also carriers of an epidemic that many people got sick in these months, and that they primarily threaten the lives of their neighbors, their relatives, their future work and study".

In addition, there are limits on the number of visitors to the street of the cafe terraces, restaurants and bars, it is forbidden to gather companies more than ten people. Nightlife and terraces will be closed at 01.30 at the entrance will check the documents.

Also, Also reported that the authorities intend to carry out PCR testing for those who come to the capital from adverse from an epidemiological point of view regions.

In the last two weeks, the epidemiological situation in Spain deteriorated, primarily Catalonia, Aragon and Navarra. 14 days was identified is 22,125 new cases (most of them asymptomatic), in the last week – 12.8 thousand.

In Madrid, the situation remains basically stable for two weeks revealed 1 880 cases per week – 1 278.

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