In Lebanon, renewed a state of emergency due to coronavirus

The higher Council for Lebanon's security, headed by President Michel Aoun made the decision on introduction of epidemiological emergency in four weeks amid a sharp increase in the number of people infected with coronavirus in July, according to the statement of the press service of the presidential Palace.

"Higher security Council today sent a proposal to the Cabinet of Ministers to resume the regime of civil mobilization from August 3 to August 30, inclusive", - it is told in received RIA Novosti copy of the document.

The Prime Minister of Lebanon Hassan Diyab during the meeting of the security Council noted the need to take decisive measures to return the situation with the pandemic under control and avoid catastrophe. Therefore, the decision to partially close the country from Tuesday and Thursday for five days. After the country will be open from Tuesday through Wednesday, followed by another five-day full closure.

The regime of civil mobilization was first introduced in Lebanon on 16 March and extended until 8 July. With the beginning of the month, according to the daily reports of the Ministry of health started to sharply increase the number of cases of coronavirus. Over the past day has been confirmed 175 new cases a day earlier 168. The total number closer to 4 thousand. Lebanese authorities claim that the deterioration of the epidemiological situation in the first place due to the neglect of the citizens prescribed by the Ministry of health security measures and personal hygiene. Also the extremely negative role played by citizens who arrived in the country from abroad after the opening of the international airport and violating the regime of self-isolation.