Netanyahu praised the willingness of the Israeli army

The Hezbollah must understand that the Israeli army is ready for any scenario and will do anything to protect themselves, said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

"I was under the impression that the IDF is well prepared for any possible scenario. We continue to act to thwart Iran's military presence in our region. We will do everything possible to protect yourself, and I suggest "Hezbollah" to take this simple fact into account. Israel ready for any scenario" - leads the office of the Prime Minister's statement, which he did after the morning safety assessment of the Northern regions the day after "a military incident" at the border.

The Israeli army on Monday said that the Israeli military prevented the infiltration of terrorists into its territory, the data on casualties from the Israeli side.

"Yesterday's operation was important, it prevented the invasion of our territory. All that is happening now is the result of attempts to gain a foothold in military terms in our region by Iran and its satellites in Lebanon. Nasrallah (leader of Hezbollah - ed.) that serves Iranian interests at the expense of the Lebanese state," said Netanyahu Tuesday morning.

In a statement, the Shiite movement "Hezbollah" it is noted that their fighters didn't yet made no attack and did not participate in any clashes in its southern borders. On Monday evening, Hezbollah also issued an official statement in which has promised to respond to Israel for the murder of her soldier during the strike in southern Syria on 20 July.