"This is something new": NATO figured out how to fight against the Russian tanks

To detect, to specify the coordinates, identify the target and transmit the command to destroy American defense Agency advanced development DARPA has announced a competition to create technology to automatically detect moving ground vehicles and even to determine its type. This development is part of the global concept of "mosaic war." About the features of the new strategy of the Pentagon — in the material RIA Novosti.

DARPA invites all interested companies to submit algorithms that will help the synthetic aperture radar to pinpoint the location of ground vehicles in motion. In the specification it is specified that the speed of the tank or the APC can be very small — such targets are difficult to detect. The new technology is planned to test drones that will teach you to find your own camouflaged on the ground armored vehicles.

The second phase of the program is the creation of algorithms for automatic determination of the type of military equipment with use of artificial intelligence in order to develop the most fast and effective way for its destruction. According to experts DARPA, this is the most difficult stage. For example, Russian tanks T-72 and T-90 to distinguish from afar is extremely difficult. All the "nineties" are equipped with complex electro-optical countermeasures "Blind", protects against anti-tank guided missiles with laser guidance. ATGM against them ineffective.

Not all "seventy second", especially the early editions, includes such funds, therefore, remain vulnerable to anti-tank. The proper definition of the type of military equipment "smart" drone with advanced radar depend the future action of troops and variety of weapons. The main task for developers is to make the algorithms for identification purposes received enough information.

"If you train an algorithm for identifying the cats, you can teach him to go to the Internet where there are hundreds of thousands of photos of this animal from all possible angles. It is not difficult, — explained the General of the US army Mike Murray. — With the Russian tank T-72 the situation is more complicated. You can get a few pictures, but if they are from the same angle at which the target sees the drone? If the same light? If the tank is cloaked, or is located in an open area?"

It is assumed that AI will determine the type of target using a detailed database of 3D models of military equipment of the probable enemy. The drone, seeing a tank on the battlefield, compare it with the three-dimensional image in its memory with the same angle and choose the most suitable. However, it is unknown how this is implemented in practice, because even the same type of serial machines can be equipped with different attachments, and are very different in appearance.

Detection and identification of ground moving targets — part of a global program "mosaic fighting," which DARPA is involved with 2017. The essence of the massive use of manned and unmanned aircraft in conjunction with ground and naval forces, satellite grouping, high-precision weapons systems. Military pilot in this concept commands the drones that perform the bulk of the fighting task.

The head of the office of strategic technologies DARPA Timothy Grayson cited as an example of the effect of four UAVs in formation with a manned fighter. One drone jamming enemy radar, the second bears the arms, looking for the third goal, the fourth acts as a lure for air defense. The number of drones, their configuration, carry the equipment and weapons can be changed depending on combat tasks — like tiles in a mosaic or children's designer "LEGO".

The concept of a "mosaic war" requires a lot inexpensive specialized drones, which due to the amount of overload any air defense system. The loss of these drones are easily replaced and air force pilots don't have to risk my life, slicing the fire of anti-aircraft missile complexes.

The drones will be able to open the position of SAM and either destroy it yourself, or to transmit the coordinates to the person who hit us. However, the question remains: can such drones to work effectively in conditions of counter modern electronic warfare systems that exist in the Russian army.

To the pilot focused on the management entrusted to him by the drones, it is necessary to unload and to transfer control of the aircraft artificial intelligence. For this DARPA last summer launched a program to create a combat artificial intelligence ACE (Air Combat Evolution — "the Evolution of air combat").

AI is ready to take on many functions. While advantage saves the pilot, able to make quick decisions depending on the situation, but DARPA intends to change the situation. In future combat autopilot will be able to act in a dogfight is much faster than a human.

The AI will train the pilot, and pilots from simple to more complex maneuvers. The ACE program was divided into three stages. On the ground the AI will work out the elements of air combat in a computer simulation. On the second it will be implemented in small commercial drones that will demonstrate the acquired skills of the robot in the air. The third — the AI will be installed on combat aircraft.

The pilot only needs to observe what is happening from the outside. And the AI will be given more complex tasks: to shoot down cruise missiles, to attack the bombers, finally, to fight the fighter.

"The pilot can greatly increase the lethality and effectiveness of military vehicles, driving many semi-Autonomous "smart" unmanned platforms of their aircraft — say in DARPA. The ACE program will allow him to focus on the big picture of the battle, while the aircraft and assigned drones will be to decide individual tasks. ACE will create a hierarchical structure in which cognitive functions higher level (e.g., strategy development, selection of targets and appropriate weapons) will remain with the person, and maneuvering aircraft and tactical parts will deal with Autonomous systems."

One of the elements of a "mosaic war" — American program Skyborg Vanguard for the creation of an unmanned fighter jet on the concept of "faithful slave" (Loyal Wingman). Recently, the U.S. air force has signed contracts directly with four defense corporations Boeing, Northrop Grumman, General Atomics and Kratos — the development of competing models such UAVs.

Promising drones must be operated aboard manned aircraft, and actively interact with them. A ceiling value of contracts — $ 400 million, with testing of samples is scheduled for completion by July 2026.

Similar projects exist in Russia. In particular, at the beginning of 2019, it became known that the third prototype of the fifth generation fighter, the su-57 is used as a flying laboratory to test systems perspective shock UAV With a 70 "Hunter". Testing avionics, communication, multi-use drones.