The head of the Kherson regional Council will judge the case Gandzyuk

The attorney General's office of Ukraine sent to the court indictment against the head of the Kherson regional Council Vladislav manger and former assistant ex-the Deputy of a regional Council Alexey Levin on the case about the attack on the counselor of the mayor of Kherson Catherine Gandzyuk, said Tuesday the press service of office of public Prosecutor.

Earlier, the Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Oleksiy Symonenko said that investigators have completed the investigation on the case about the attack on Gandzyuk, a customer of the crime believe the head of the Kherson regional Council Vladislav manger, business prepares for transfer to court.

"The prosecutors of the attorney General's office sent to court indictment against the Chairman and former assistant of the Deputy of the Kherson regional Council on the fact of ordering and organizing the attack on Catherine Gandzyuk July 31, 2018," - said the press service.

In the office of the attorney General noted that Munger and extradited to Ukraine from Bulgaria Levin accused of organizing "on preliminary arrangement by group of persons deliberate heavy injury by the way, the nature of the most extreme suffering, which led to the death of the victim".

According to the press service, the court had earlier convicted and sentenced to imprisonment of five perpetrators of the attack on Gandzyuk.

Earlier, Yury Lutsenko, who served as Prosecutor General of Ukraine until August 2019, reported that the murder suspect manger. Later, the suspicion Manger was replaced with "order the infliction of bodily harm". According to investigators, Mangere however, Levine ordered grievous bodily harm Gandzyuk, which caused her death.

Gandzyuk in July 2018 doused with acid. Several months later, she died in Kiev hospital. Militiamen investigated case about attempt at murder, however, after the death of the victim changed the qualification for a contract killing. The investigation revealed all the alleged masterminds and organizers of the murder of Gandzyuk.