In the Kuzbass has developed innovative equipment for nuclear power plants

Company-resident of the Kuzbass Technopark has developed innovative equipment for the Smolensk nuclear power plant for ultra deep cleaning of fire-resistant oils, which will prolong the life of oils will reduce the number of repairs and ensure the reliability of oil-filled equipment, save money, reports the press service of the administration of the government of Kuzbass.

"Company – resident of the Kuzbass Technopark has developed innovative equipment for the Smolensk nuclear power plant. Process unit "FODZH" created by "Microcenter Siberia" - a resident of the Kuzbass Technopark and innovation center "SKOLKOVO". Experts have developed and patented a new method of deep purification fire-resistant oil for nuclear power", – stated in the message.

It is noted that similar technologies exist in the world, "but created the Kuzbass engineers method will help the nuclear industry to extend the operating life of oils, to reduce the number of repairs, to ensure the reliability of oil-filled equipment and save for the nuclear power industry a considerable sum." It is clarified that the performance of the installation 2400-4200 liters/hour. The minimum price of this type of equipment starts from 8.5 million rubles.

Clarifies that equipment for peelings the complex is equipped with special cartridges with ion-exchange resins Kuzbass production PO "TOKEM" – the largest manufacturer of such products in Russia. One of the main benefits is its modular design: any of the elements can be freely replaced with more efficient ones. The unit is equipped with advanced electronics that allows you to transfer data on the progress of the cleaning process not only at the Central computer, but also on a personal device of the operator (notebook, tablet, smartphone).

Install "FODZH" is the process of setting up and production testing. Then the equipment will be sent to the Smolensk NPP.

With reference to the specialists of Technopark it is noted that the development of Kuzbass engineers are successfully used in major energy facilities of the Russian Federation and CIS countries: at the Kalinin, Kursk and Rostov nuclear power plants, the Cheboksary hydropower plant, Norilsk-Taimyr energy company and others.

At the moment, residents of Technopark are 66 companies specializing in IT-technologies, instrumentation, medical, biotechnology, energy, ecology and industrial safety. The Kuzbass Technopark is part of the scientific-educational center "Kuzbass".