In Vietnam more than 15 thousand people were placed in quarantine

More than 15 thousand people in Vietnam in recent days has been quarantined because of new outbreaks COVID-19 in the coastal city of da Nang arrival in the country of export by the flights of several people infected with the coronavirus, said on Tuesday the Vietnamese state news Agency VNA.

Currently, 15 033 person quarantined due to the fact that recently been in contact with infected COVID or profit to Vietnam from areas with high contamination risk, the Agency said. It is noted that 322 people are quarantined in hospitals, 12 of 458 employees in state quarantine centers, 2 253 people on home quarantine.

To 06.00 (02.00 GMT) on Tuesday the new cases of infection in Vietnam was recorded, the Agency said.

On Monday, the Internet portal of the government of Vietnam announced that the outbreak COVID-19 in da Nang and nearby provinces, as a result of which 15 people were in the hospital with a diagnosis of "coronavirus infection" caused by a new type of virus not previously seen in the country. The Vietnamese authorities have begun the evacuation of 80 thousand tourists from other provinces, coming to rest in da Nang. By order of the government, the tourists who wanted to relax in da Nang in late July – early August are routed to other resort areas.

Danang and its surrounding area blocked several of the areas with the highest risk of infection - those areas in which in recent days has been revealed ill. On-site da Nang prohibited gatherings of more than 30 people, a ban on mass gatherings, celebrations and sporting events, as well as re-introduced mandatory mask mode and social distance.

A new type of virus, the first observations and results of the first studies of the Vietnamese physicians, is more aggressive than previously known in Vietnam types of the virus: it is able to reproduce faster and faster causes in patients transition to the hard state.

Since the beginning of the pandemic in Vietnam got infected with coronavirus infection 431 people, fully recovered 365 people. Deaths from the coronavirus in the country is not registered. Of 431 cases 276 – import: these cases were infected Vietnamese who return home from abroad for export flights, and a few foreigners who arrived in the country. Before the outbreak in da Nang in Vietnam was not of infections within the country within 99 days.

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