In the Poltava region of the Ukrainian fighters carried out the teachings

Ukrainian fighters began a planned flight-tactical exercises, in which will be worked out air combat groups at medium and low altitudes, has informed on Tuesday a press-service of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine.

"In the 831 crew of tactical aircraft of Air command "Center" to routine flights. One aviation squadron crews preparing for flight and tactical exercises. Restoring types of flight training, group formation flying as part of a pair and level air battles by the groups at medium and low altitudes - the main tasks of the current week", - stated in the message on the website of the Ministry of defense.

According to the acting commander of the aviation brigade of Colonel Alexander Bridge, work military readiness for combat actions in various scenarios.

"Ground staff and aircrew outside the specified time frame. Such training and skills necessary to perform the speedy withdrawal of the aviation units on the operational airfields to avoid potential losses from air attack of the enemy. Further perfecting the work of the engineering-aviation units, and flight crews from other operational airfields," - said Pavement.

It is noted that on the same basis undergoing flight training for fifth-year students of Kharkiv national University of Air force named Kozhedub. They are now preparing to fly combat aircraft su-27.

Eight hundred and thirty-first brigade is located in the city of Mirgorod of Poltava region, and subordinate air command "Center" of the Ukrainian air force.