Lukashenka said about the correct course in the field of system of national security

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that the chosen course to create a reliable system of national security was correct.

This statement the President made on Tuesday at a meeting with the management and staff of departments of system of ensuring national security while visiting 3214 military unit of internal troops of the interior Ministry in Minsk.

"Once again convinced of the correctness of the course to create a reliable system of national security," Lukashenka is quoted by the official website of the President of Belarus.

The President reminded that earlier also visited 38th air assault and the 103rd airborne brigade (Brest and Vitebsk), fifth separate brigade of special purpose (Marina Gorka) of the Belarusian army. "I saw a well-equipped mobile military units that meet the spirit of the time", - said the Belarusian leader.

During the visit the President also noted that the defence potential of the country is constantly growing. According to him, today the Belarusian army is a compact armed forces created on the principle of defense sufficiency and is able to ensure the military security of the state.

According to the information on the website of gosizmena "SAT. Today Belarus," Lukashenko also said that in the early 90-ies of mindlessly destroyed law enforcement agencies and turned into scrap metal military equipment, began to quit a high level military professionals who are forced to obtain food for their families to accept very low-paying jobs. He noted that pay of officers remaining in the army ranks, was reduced several times: the commander of a platoon in those years received $ 15 equivalent, and the commander of the regiment - 35.

"It was hard, difficult, but we overcame that period and survived. Chose the right direction and I am proud to say, the modern system of national security of Belarus created by the efforts of all our people. We are no one gave, and we do not owe anything to anyone," - said Lukashenko.