In the Altai region revealed the outbreak of coronavirus in the Oncology center

More than 40 cases of coronavirus staff and patients identified in the body of the Oncology center in Barnaul, it was closed for quarantine, said Tuesday the regional oberstab.

Earlier, the outbreak of a coronavirus occurred in two buildings of the cancer center, they were closed for sanitary processing. Then, according to the regional Department of Rospotrebnadzor, COVID-19 was confirmed in 17 of 35 health workers and patients.

"Since yesterday suspended the planned hospitalization of patients in the Department of medical base of the regional oncologic dispensary on the street Nikitin, 77. The day before the clinic had identified 41 people infected COVID-19. Among these, approximately half are medical professionals and staff of the clinic," - said Oberstar.

It is noted that the hospital has been quarantined, it will last at least two weeks. The Department of thoracic surgery, onceandonlyonce and tumors of the head and neck will resume planned hospitalization of patients in mid-August, after sanitary treatment and control testing of the medical staff.

"Although we've taken unprecedented security measures coronavirus managed to creep back into the dispensary. At the end of last week we have of his having a cold several patients, have carried out extensive testing that showed the presence of infection", - quotes the words oberstab Deputy chief physician of the Oncology center in the surgical care of Aleksey Marina.

It is noted that infected COVID-19 is aimed at sparechange covenyi in hospitals or for outpatient monitoring by place of residence. Patients with a negative result of the analysis of the coronavirus finish the cure in a planned manner.

"Patients whose admission was planned for this period will be routed to the departments of similar profile Oncology center at the Zmeinogorsky tract or other clinics Barnaul, licensed for the provision of specialized cancer care. In cases where it is justified, will be adjusted the treatment plan," added Marin.

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