The Ministry explained the amendments on the transfer of confiscated money to the RPF

Amendments to the law on the transfer of illegally obtained money in the budget of the Pension Fund need to sync with the norms of the Civil code, reported RIA Novosti in the Ministry of Finance.

In particular, in the code I want to Refine that to confiscate in favor of PFR can not only property and money, if you are not able to prove the legality of their receipt.

The amendment is necessary to synchronize the provisions of the Budget and Civil codes.

"In fact – it is a technical correction," said the Ministry.

The project has already been submitted to the government, the new rules can enter into force before the end of the year.

Earlier, the Finance Ministry proposed to confiscate the unlawfully derived from a Russian currency. The explanatory note said that now the confiscation provided for in the smuggling of money, alcohol and explosives smuggled across the border.

After the adoption of the amendments to withdraw money in cases of default of foreign currency earnings and remittances to non-residents that use false documents.