Belarusians actively register election observers

Belarusians continue to accredited observers at the presidential elections despite the decision of the CEC to limit their numbers at the polling stations, reported Tuesday on the website of the CEC.

So, according to the CEC, election commissions accredited 45 430 national observers, a week ago this figure exceeded 42,8 thousands of people. And 8452 observer nominated by citizens by submitting applications, 2433 sent from labor groups, 2424 – political parties, 32 121 – other public unions.

The number of domestic election observers in 2020 exceeded the performance of last year's parliamentary elections (in total, there were 38 878, 3037 including from citizens), presidential 2015 (572 and 43 7413 from citizens) and presidential 2010 (39 619 6141 and from citizens). And this process still continues.

Informed alternative to the incumbent President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko candidates called on their supporters to actively go to the observers to ensure the transparency of elections. In addition, the CEC of Belarus due to pandemic COVID-19 and to prevent obstacles to the work of members of precinct election commissions limited the number of national observers, who may be simultaneously at the polling stations. Decided to reduce the number of domestic observers in the main voting day, up to five people, but not more than 50% of the number of members of the Commission during early voting to three. The head of the precinct election Commission will be allowed to station observers at the date of obtaining their accreditation. Alternative candidates urged supporters despite the decision of the CEC to continue to accredited observers.

According to the CEC, among the associations according to the number of accredited observers lead the trade unions included in the Federation of trade unions of Belarus (9069), the Belarusian Republican youth Union (6127) and public Association "Belaya Rus" (5223) who support the policy of the current government. Among the parties leads in the number of observers from the Communist party of Belarus (1163), and the opposition political parties represented by 22 observers.

Of the total number of observers 44 452 accredited with precinct election commissions, including 2423 of them represent labor groups, 2350 – political parties, 31 315 – other public associations, 8364 nominated by groups of citizens. When CEC accredited nine observers representing the Belarusian Helsinki Committee, Association "Belaya Rus", Belarusian Republican youth Union, Belarusian Union of women, the movement "For freedom", the Green party, the liberal democratic party, the Belarusian popular front party, the Association BPF "Revival".

The main day of voting in the presidential elections scheduled for 9 August, early voting will begin on 4 August.