Lukashenka commented on the attack on law enforcement officers during the protest

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that kicking law enforcement no one is allowed, and attempts to attack them during the unsanctioned street protests must be stopped.

According to the Agency Sputnik of Belarus, Lukashenko on Tuesday called for 3214 military unit of internal troops of the MIA of the Republic. Saluting soldiers, Lukashenko in particular noted that he saw the footage of one of the street actions in Minsk, where people attack the police, some of them law enforcement officers beat feet.

"That's what you need to avoid. Guys need to understand that they are in my house and no one is allowed to kick their feet. In any case on provocation not to go, but not to offend you guys. And we will soon doprygat, we babied in kindergarten," - said the President of Belarus, addressing the commander of OMON GUVD of Minsk city Executive Committee Dmitry Balaba.

In Belarus, the campaign for the presidential election, primary election day scheduled for 9 August. Candidates for the highest office was five people, Alexander Lukashenko is running for a sixth term. The election campaign is accompanied by the arrests of opposition politicians and activists, as well as unauthorized protests.

The evening of July 14 in various cities of the Republic were unauthorized mass protests after the decision of the Central election Commission of Belarus to refuse registration of candidates for President, the two politicians - former head of Belgazprombank Viktor Babariko and former head of the HTP administration Valery Tsepkalo. The largest actions took place in Minsk. According to the interior Ministry, across the country because of violations of public order were detained more than 250 people. With the suppression of the unauthorized mass events injured six policemen, riot police, four were hospitalized. The investigative Committee opened a criminal case.