Egypt and Sudan are not in danger of drought because of the dam, said the Ambassador of Ethiopia

Drought in Egypt and Sudan due to construction on the Blue Nile of the Renaissance dam (Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam - GERD) is not threatened, said in an interview with RIA Novosti, Ambassador of Ethiopia to Russia, to Alemayehu Tegegn of Aargau.

"No. We do not have any possibility to create a drought. You know Ethiopia can not bear drought. Drought is a phenomenon out of the will of Ethiopia, it is beyond our capacity. If a drought happens, it will be the responsibility of the three countries – Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt and Ethiopia", - said the Ambassador when asked to comment on forecasts of some experts, stating that GERD can lead to drought in Egypt and Sudan.

The diplomat stressed that "the dam is designed so that it does not cause any significant harm to Egypt and the Sudan".

Ethiopia is implementing a large-scale project of the construction of the dam in 2012. Its launch, according to experts, will inevitably lead to water shortages in the Sudan and Egypt, located downstream. Since the beginning of the construction of the three countries have already held over a dozen meetings in order to resolve the water allocation issues and to start a new object, but differences remain.

Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan in the first half of June resumed its suspended in February talks on Ethiopian dam on the Nile, the dialogue under the mediation of the African Union.

Earlier official representative of the Ministry of water resources of Egypt stated that the proposed Ethiopia in the negotiations, a draft agreement on hydroelectric power station "Revival" deprives downstream in the Nile Sudan and Egypt, "water rights, giving Ethiopia the sole right to use the resources of the river."

The full text of the interview is available on the website ria.ru at 12.00 GMT.