Media: the EU can reduce the list of countries for the lifting of travel restrictions

The European Union, which these days holds regular consultations on the list of third countries with which recommended removing restrictions on travel, can once again reduce the list, with the exception of Algeria and Morocco, reported the Agency Bloomberg with reference to its European sources.

"According to one source, from a re-updated list, which should appear in the environment, can be removed Algeria and Morocco," says the Agency.

At the end of July should be a second non-binding updated list of third countries with which European countries can access the outer boundary. In mid-July after the first revision of the EU list has already reduced the original list, excluding Serbia and Montenegro. At the moment the list includes 13 countries: Algeria, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, Uruguay, and China, subject to the confirmation of reciprocity in the opening of borders.

Criteria, based on the aggregate of which in the EU represent a list, are epidemiological situation in the country, measures to contain the epidemic, as well as "economic and social considerations". Among the epidemiological indicators, the trend appears to stabilize or reduce the number of new infections in preceding 14 days and the average number infected per hundred thousand inhabitants over the past two weeks, which should match or be below the same indicator for the EU as of 15 June 2020 (16 to 20 cases).

The EU Council in late June, agreed on the recommendation regarding the progressive removal of restrictions on the optional trip to the European Union, adopting the list of countries for which the border was open from 1 July. Agreed by the Council of the EU lists are not binding for the member States of the European Union, many countries do not adhere to.

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