Foreign Minister: US not yet appealed to Russia on the sale of icebreakers

The US appealed to Russia on leasing or sale of the breakers, said in an interview with RIA Novosti Ambassador at large Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Nikolay Korchunov.

The President of the United States Donald trump ordered to develop a program for the construction of icebreakers for the Arctic and Antarctic. In order to encourage "national interests" in these regions, it is planned to develop icebreaker fleet, which will be at least three courts heavy class, as well as a number of icebreakers middle class.

"In addition, during the construction of its own fleet to the American agencies tasked to investigate the possibility of renting icebreakers from partner countries. In expert circles in the US believe that such States are, above all, Finland, Sweden and Canada. To us Americans on the question of leasing or selling the icebreaker fleet have not yet applied," said Korchunov.

The full text of the interview is available on the website ria.ru at 11:00 GMT.