In the state Duma proposed to impose any tax on pensioners-entrepreneurs

The Chairman of the Duma Committee for the control and regulation Natalia Kostenko ("United Russia") has proposed to the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin be exempt from the payment of taxes and fees of pensioners-entrepreneurs carrying out their activity in areas not included in the list of victims of coronavirus (the appeal is available to RIA Novosti).

"To me as the Deputy received treatment of pensioners-entrepreneurs in the affected business sectors on the issue of their inability to pay their taxes and fees due to the lack of income from entrepreneurial activities under the conditions of a pandemic", - the statement says Kostenko.

So says the Deputy, one of the applicants was selling clothes, but since March 29, after the announcement in the Krasnodar region of high alert mode, was forced to suspend trading.

"Thus, the income from entrepreneurial activity she gets, and the only income is the pension in the amount of 7700 rubles. In addition, according to the applicant, now, because its type of business activity is not related to the victim of the industry, it is deprived of the opportunity to obtain a subsidy to pay for their work from business", - said in the letter.

In addition, the entrepreneur must pay to the Pension Fund regulatory fees in the amount of 10 thousand 300 rubles.

"Based on the foregoing I ask you to consider the possibility of exemption of pensioners-entrepreneurs engaged in entrepreneurial activities in areas not included in the list of victims in the context of the new coronavirus infection, from the obligation to pay taxes and fees," - said the Deputy.

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