In the Vladimir region revealed 26 new cases of infection with coronavirus

The number of identified cases of coronavirus in the Vladimir region per day increased by 26, to 5516, said the office of Rospotrebnadzor in the region.

"On the territory of Vladimir region for the past day 26 laboratory-confirmed cases of novel coronavirus infection. Only on the territory of Vladimir region was 5516 cases", - stated in the message.

Thus, the third consecutive day in the region is recorded at least 30 cases COVID-19 per day.

In Vladimir since the beginning of the pandemic identified 953 case COVID-19, in Gus-Crystal district - 795, in Petushki district - 652, in Murom - 491, in the Kovrov district - 445, in the Alexander area - 425, Sobinsk - 309, Vyaznikky - 284, Yurev-Polish - 257.

Recovered after COVID-19 in the region 5113 of the patients died - 125.

The population of Vladimir region is 1,358 million.

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