In Japan evaluated the installation of a monument to "comfort women" in Korea

New monument to the so-called "comfort women" established in South Korea, will have an impact on the development of relations between Tokyo and Seoul, this view was expressed by Secretary General of the government of Japan Acehide Suga.

The monument was erected in a private Botanical garden in Gangwon province in South Korea. He depicts sitting on a bench, the girl personifying the victim of the system "women of comfort", which existed during the war in Japanese-occupied territories. Before her on his knees and bowed his head stands a man, in which, according to media reports, it's easy to recognize the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe. The monument called "Eternal redemption".

"From the point of view of international etiquette, this is absolutely unacceptable. If media reports are true, then this will have a critical impact on Sino-South Korean relations", - quotes the words of Sugi Agency Kyodo.

Suga said that Japan continues to demand from Seoul the execution of the 2015 agreement, the ode, according to which both parties agreed all issues between them "settled completely and finally".

System "women of comfort" is a form of forced prostitution for the needs of the Japanese army in Asia during world war II. In 1965, Japan paid Korea $ 500 million in compensation for damage caused during the war, hoping that thus all contradictions will be removed. However, the issue of "comfort women" has again become a stumbling block for the development of relations a few years ago, and only after pressure from the United States two of its Asian ally deal about the world, which recorded the agreement of 2015. It was intended to "irrevocably" to resolve all the contradictions so the issue of "comfort women" will never affect the relationship of South Korea and Japan. However, since the agreement was signed during the administration of former President, Park Geun-Hye, who resigned in amid a corruption scandal, the new President mun Jae-Ine relief Fund, where Japan already translated by the time of about $ 9 million, was disbanded, and the issue of the frozen.

At the same time, Japan believes that while the official documents confirming the existence of forced prostitution, was not found. Its official position, Japan has announced at the United Nations. In February 2018, the representative of the Japanese foreign Ministry to the UN confirmed that the widely held view of the existence in time of war, of forced prostitution in occupied Japan Asia is based on the "testimony" of the journalist Seiji Yoshida in the newspaper "Asahi" in the 1980-ies, which turned out to be fiction. Before this publication, the Korean side did not put forward Japan's claims on this matter and did not raise the issue of "comfort women". In the 1980-ies Yoshida told about the alleged hunt for Koreans to bring them to brothels, however, described the facts were not confirmed in other sources and turned out to be fiction. For the publication of false evidence under the guise of real fact, the newspaper made a public apology in 2014.

Despite this, the contract signed in December 2015 the agreement, Japan undertook to pay the former "comfort women" of 1 billion yen (about $ 9 million) with the condition that this decision is "final and not having reverse." The South Korean side agreed with this formulation.