Roskoshestvo checked the puree of cauliflower

Roskoshestvo checked the puree of cauliflower, recognizing good quality products, but by identifying three patterns of violations in industrial sterilization and labeling, is spoken in the message of the organization.

Experts checked out mashed cauliflower 15 of the most popular, mostly Russian brands 441 figure 9 - safety indicators, 33 indicators of quality and 399 - pesticides. This vegetable puree is considered the most popular on the market, some parents fear that the product may be of low quality, contain nitrates, pesticides, added salt and starch, said in the organization the choice of the object of inspection.

The study safe was recognized by all tested products: experts have not found copper, cadmium, mercury and heavy metals, which can accumulate vegetables. Were not revealed and patulin is a mycotoxin that can be contained in canned vegetables. The amount of nitrates does not exceed the technical regulation of the value stated in the message.

"Experts Roskoshestvo additionally checked the vegetable puree for the presence of pesticides, which are not standardized in the technical regulations, but standardized in Europe. The results of the study showed that in these products there are no even traces of pesticides," - said in the message.

Claim was absent to the products of 12 brands, but at the end of the study, one brand was revealed inconsistencies in Microbiology - discovered cocci and nonspore sticks, which is a violation of the requirements of technical regulations of the Customs Union. Two brands from the study revealed inconsistencies in the labeling: one of them did not correspond to the actual protein, the other potassium.

Roskoshestvo also notes that in accordance with GOST sufficiency component of the cauliflowers must be 4-11%, and products are all trademarks meet the requirements. In addition, a positive point, the experts point to the absence in all samples of salt and starch.