In Japan has developed a draft "survival" theater at the expense of high technologies

Theatres experiencing hard times because of the epidemic of the coronavirus, will be able to survive at the expense of high technologies, said the General Director of the Japanese theatre "Botan" Yoichi oti. He told RIA news about the project, which will soon be submitted to the Ministry of education and culture.

As explained by General Director of the theater, the office for culture of the Ministry of education, culture, sports, science and technology has set the task to find sources of income in addition to cash fees and issued a call for projects for the development of this direction. For the development of the project decided to use the achievements in the implementation of 8K in March 2018 in Tokyo was shown the first pilot project involving three performances recorded in 8K resolution (the resolution of 33.2 megapixels, which exceeds the previous standard for ultra high definition television four times) – Japanese musicals "Ode to joy" and "the Postman" and a performance of Sergei Bezrukov Moscow Provincial theater "the Sleep of reason". This performance was the first piece of foreign theater, written in the format of 8K. In 2019 and 2020 passed the first and second Asian festivals performances recorded in 8K.

Entry, and then the demonstration in 8K resolution gives the opportunity to shoot performances of "one shot", without resorting to the installation. Due to the high resolution pictures the viewer sees the whole scene entirely and he can focus on the actor or the scenery. Modern 2K resolution this is impossible, since the periphery of the frame is a bit "blurred". In the case of 8K spectator in the audience can enjoy a theatrical binoculars, and the quality allows it.

Also remains a theatre, cinema or on television. The audio is recorded live directly from the stage. After some time, there is an effect of "presence" in the room.

Yoichi oti believes that in a situation when at any moment we can expect the second wave of the spread of coronavirus and, as a consequence, the new closure of the theatres for the audience, 8K may become a "tether" that allows you to receive income even in private offices. In addition, a demonstration of theatrical productions, musical performances and concerts will attract new fans of theatrical and musical art, which, having become acquainted with the work from the screen at some point will want to see the work from the stage.

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