The woman was found on the beach unusual creatures

. A resident of the city of Mandurah, Western Australia, found on the coast of unusual creatures, some of which were similar to the unusual "egg", reports Yahoo News.

The woman had published on his page in Facebook a series of photos of their latest finds on the beach. The footage was captured with a variety of plants and animals washed up by the waves.

One of the creatures was a dark red color. Some subscribers in the comments suggested that the eggs of some creatures, or the placenta of a Dolphin. The author finds did some research and found that this wandering sea anemone.

Actiniae, or sea anemones – marine detachment flowing down from the class of coral polyps. The representatives are deprived of the mineral skeleton. Usually solitary forms. Most anemones are sessile organisms living on a hard sea bottom.

Earlier it became known that the Australian found an unusual creature on the beach near the city of Per.

A man posted a picture of being in social networks. One of the users advised him to throw the gem in the ocean with the help of a plastic bag. He stressed that it was"the dog killer".

Later Professor Coolum brown from the Department of biological Sciences Macquarie University explained that the creature — the sea hare.