A Florida man bought a Lamborghini with the money from the bailout Fund

A Florida man accused of fraud in which he embezzled nearly four million dollars earmarked for salary during a pandemic coronavirus, according to the U.S. justice Department.

According to investigators, 29-year-old David Haines turned to the banks for assistance under the Federal program, which was conducted throughout the country. The young man on behalf of various companies have requested loans totaling us $ 13.5 million, putting thus unreliable data. In the applications, he pointed out that funds are needed for staff salaries. In the end, Hines has approved concessional loans worth 3.9 million dollars.

Clarifies that at the time of arrest on account of Hines had about $ 3.4 million.

The program "Protection of wages" was included in the law on aid to victims of the coronavirus. It enables small businesses and other organizations to obtain loans with a maturity of two years and an interest rate of 1%. The total size of the program is almost 670 billion us dollars, term of references it ends on August 8.