Degtyarev said that at the meeting in Khabarovsk seized an ax and knives

The police seized the axe and knives for Saturday's unsanctioned rally in Khabarovsk, said the acting Governor of the Khabarovsk Krai Mikhail Degtyarev in Instagram.

From 11 July in Khabarovsk held unauthorized rallies in support of the arrested ex-Governor Sergey Furgala. A rally on Saturday, July 25, according to city hall, collected 6.5 thousand people. The representative of power structures has told RIA Novosti about 8 thousand participants. Assessment Degtyareva, there were 10 thousand.

He noted that with respect to people who go to rallies in support of Furgala.

So, according to him, he signed a decree on the preservation of preferential tickets for residents of the Northern territories. On Wednesday, the regional Duma will consider amendments to the regional budget.

"So discount tickets are stored, it is one of conquest and one of those moments that Sergei Furgal did. And in Moscow party (the party leader Volodymyr - ed.) Zhirinovsky help him. With Vladimir Zhirinovsky I told Sergei Ivanovich is full support," - said Degtyarev.

President Vladimir Putin on 20 July Degtyarev was appointed acting Governor of Khabarovsk Krai. Furgal removed from the post of the Governor "in connection with loss of trust".

In Khabarovsk from July 11 started an unsanctioned rally in support Furgala have now joined them and other cities. Shares in Khabarovsk held amid rising cases of coronavirus. They collect from 100 up to several thousand people. The mass meeting was June 11, he gathered 12 thousand people.