Izvestia: the Finance Ministry has proposed to list the confiscated funds to the FIU

The Ministry of Finance has prepared amendments to the Civil and Budget codes, which involve the transfer to the Pension Fund of monetary funds of citizens against whom no evidence confirming the legality of their receipt. About this report "Izvestia" with reference to the press service of the Ministry.

The amendments are proposed to article 46 and 146 of the Budget code in terms of clarifying the list of revenues of the budget of the FIU. As has told "news" in a press-service of the Ministry of Finance, the Civil code currently entered clarifying amendments, according to which confiscated in cases that can be not only property but also money, if the legality of their receipt it is impossible to prove.

The draft law, according to the publication, submitted to the government, while the new rules can enter into force in December this year.

As write "news", most of the factions of the lower house of Parliament expressed readiness to support the initiative of the Ministry of Finance, the FIU, the proposal Department does not comment.

Earlier the Finance Ministry proposed to confiscate illegally derived from the Russian currency. In the explanatory Memorandum to the relevant bill stated that under current legislation, confiscation is provided for in the smuggling of money, alcohol and explosives smuggled across the border.

It is expected that after the adoption of this measure will be used in cases of non-return of currency earnings and remittances to non-residents that use false documents (articles 193 and 193.1 of the criminal code).