Prigogine was appalled by the care of Timati Black Star

Producer Joseph Prigogine commented on radio Sputnik care of rapper Timati (Timur Yunusov) with the label Black Star.

The musician announced his departure from the label on Monday. His departure he called a "balanced solution partners who have been together 20 years." The rapper said that he will retain a stake in some projects, the Black Star, including network Burger, karting and car washes.

"Each time has its own history. He had his own story. The time has come. Imagine it with 20 years with the Black Star? I'm just terrified. It seems to me that we are all young, and they are already 20 years in show business," - said Prigogine.

According to him, circumstances and life change, especially in the period of the pandemic.

"Bands break up, musicians, bands go into the swimming, but how will Black Star Timati, I don't know," the producer added.