A virologist told me about a new kind of swine flu in Brazil

Citizens of Brazil need to be careful in connection with a new kind of swine flu in the country, said the head of the Laboratory of respiratory viruses and measles with the Institute. Oswald Cruz (FIocruz) of Miralda Siqueira in an interview with Globo.

Earlier in a press release on the website Fiocruz reported on the detection of a new kind of flu. It was only one confirmed case of infection – the patient with flu symptoms who worked at the slaughterhouse in the municipality of Ibipora (state of paraná). Investigations revealed the virus strains A/H1N2. It was noted that we are talking about a new kind of virus, since the samples were detected, "a genetic configuration that is different from other viruses influenza A/H1N2". To date, the patient recovered, she didn't need hospitalization.

"Since 2005, was found on 25 species of influenza A/H1N2. However, we found in Ibipora different from all other, previously identified in the world," Siqueira said in an interview.

She noted that at the moment it is difficult to determine how dangerous this kind. The researcher said that she could have "pandemic potential" but that does not mean that it necessarily will cause a pandemic. She noted that the virus must undergo a number of mutations for easy transmission from person to person.

While Siqueira has urged citizens to exercise caution.

"We need to constantly remain vigilant as the H1N1 pandemic and Sars-CoV-2 showed how destructive can be respiratory viruses... Brazil should be alert. Always," she said.

The researcher noted that the vaccine against the new varieties can be developed in a short time - it won't be perfect, but will avoid the pandemic.