In Greece, the teenager on a jet ski crashed into a group of children

On the beach of the Greek island of Mykonos 13 year old jet ski crashed into an inflatable mattress on which there are four children, reports the edition "Naftemporiki".

"According to the Coast guard, private jet, driven by a 13-year-old from Lebanon, collided with an inflatable mattress, which had towed the boat, with four French juveniles - three boys and a girl. The result of the collision was that the mattress was overturned, the 15-year-old girl had a fracture of one leg," - said in the message.

After the accident, 13-year-old decided to run away, but with the help of eyewitnesses of the incident, he was found by the employees of port authorities and taken to the police station along with his father, who was arrested for the oversight for the minor child.

Fifteen-year-old Frenchwoman was moved to the medical center of Mykonos for first aid.

The publication notes that the incident has become a model of imperfect security measures that are often violated in the popular tourist destinations in the country.