Why the US is trying to revive the specter of the Communist threat?

Now Mike Pompeo will go down in history not as one of the most incompetent and narrow-minded (to put it mildly) secretaries of state of the United States, and as the man who declared war on China. The ideological war — and, as the first cold war with the Soviet Union, the current is declared, too, under anti-Communist slogans, which, however, combined with blatant nationalism. Preparing for the announcement were held over the last couple of years, and by Pompeo and the other leaders of trump, but the former captain of the us army had the honor to perform with full-scale anti-Chinese appeal.

Pompeo did it on Friday in the library Richard Nixon Yorba Linda in southern California — it "Communist China and the future of the free world" can be divided into three constituent elements. First — the demonization of China, the second — error analysis USA in the Chinese direction and the third proposal for dealing with China.

The meaning of Pompeo's speech is clear: the Communists are almost always lying, China threatens the world, you need to force it to change its policy. That, say the word "China," Pompeo said so often about the Communist party of China changes nothing and no one is cheating — one of the leaders of the youngest and most aggressive in recent world history Empire accuses the oldest Empire in the world that she wants to subjugate the entire world:

Pompeo openly demonizes China, deletes him from the list of normal countries — under the pretext that China manages PDA:

"We need to start with changing how our people and our partners perceive the Chinese Communist party. We must speak the truth. We can't relate to this incarnation of China as a normal country like others."

America is to blame for the fact that they have created a Frankenstein (as once, long before the recognition of the PRC, afraid Nixon), but now she is ready to lead the campaign "free Nations" to force China. Compulsion to what? To surrender? To overthrow the government of the Communist party? Pompeo does not speak directly about this, stating that "behavior change, the CCP may not be one of the Chinese people" (which, of course, groaning under the yoke of the Communists), but need some tightening of the course of the whole free world. This tightening Pompeo even refuses to call a policy of containment — he just calls all world leaders "to insist on reciprocity, transparency, and accountability on the part of the CCP". That is to do with the Chinese the same thing they do with you? And what do they do?

Limit after 75 years after the victory in the war of the sovereignty of such powerful Nations as Germany and Japan? Have hundreds of military bases around the world? Use the status of its national currency as the world reserve currency for unlimited cheap credit, and maintain their standard of living? Overthrowing governments in other countries and other civilizations impose their moral (or immoral) values? Act as a springboard to build a global Empire managed by supranational forces?

No the Chinese just returned to his place first by the size of the economy power of the world, where they were for centuries, if not Millennium. They have the world's largest domestic market saturation which occurs rapidly, but is still very far from American or European. China has room to grow — within themselves. Does he need the global expansion, if he wants to be global hegemon? Of course not — its expansion was not political or ideological in nature, it is a trivial promotion to different markets. That is, competition with the West over the world — including in the territory of the West. But does China have promoted globalization? No, the West came to China in the nineteenth century, the power of bringing it under its influence, and madly enriched at his expense. Now the reverse process? No, because China does not want to build a global Empire controlling everything and everyone, causing all to teach Confucius or join the Communist party. But Pompeo is afraid of the Americans and the rest of the world that China is ideologically motivated and aggressive:

"I recall a quote from the speech of General Barr, he's the attorney General Barr. Last week, he said: "the ultimate goal of the rulers of China not trade with the United States, and the RAID on the United States."