ROC: mention God in the Constitution confirms the choice of the Baptizer of Rus

The adoption of the amendment about God in the Constitution of Russia is the confirmation of the choice of the Holy Prince Vladimir's baptism of Rus, said on Monday Deputy Chairman of the Synodal Department of the Moscow Patriarchate on relations of the Church with society and the media Vakhtang Kipshidze.

Orthodox believers celebrate on 28 July the Day of the baptism of Rus, which took place in 988. Since 2010, the public holiday is a memorable date in Russia. In the Orthodox Church calendar is the day of memory of Prince Vladimir (960-1015), the Baptizer of Rus', whom historians called the great, the Church of the Holy equal to the apostles, and the people called Vladimir the Red Sun.

"I consider this constitutional provision (the mention of God – ed.) as a confirmation of the choice made by Prince Vladimir in the tenth century," said Kipshidze, during a press conference in MIA "Russia today" in the framework of the project "Religion and ideology".

According to him, sometimes people have the impression that enough of the choice made by Prince Vladimir. "No, we must affirm that choice in our daily lives and our deeds must be worthy of our great ancestor", - said the representative of the Russian Church.

The mention of God in the Constitution, in his opinion, shows values of the baptism of Prince Vladimir and the baptism of Rus for the entire thousand years of Russian history. "This is the result of years of evidence of the Russian Orthodox Church and all those who supported it, on whether to approve this holiday (Day of the baptism of Russia – ed.) to do the baptism of Vladimir the cornerstone of the existence of our state and society", - summed up Kipshidze.