In London after a four-month break, opened the Tate Modern

. The Tate Modern opened in London after a four-month break, reports the Londonist.

The most-visited Museum of London (along with the British) can now come only in advance by purchasing a ticket online. Visitors are required to be masked and go strictly defined route.

Inside yet allowed local people who did not have contacts with foreigners, which typically account for more than half of the total number of visitors to the Museum, which in may was 20 years old.

For the General public is open not only the permanent collection, but the exhibition of Andy Warhol, who managed to work only five days before the start of the quarantine. It was decided to extend until 15 November.

Along with the Tate Modern has opened as the Tate (Tate Britain), Tate Liverpool and Tate St Ives in Cornwall.

At the Tate you can see an exhibition of Aubrey Beardsley until September 20.