The President of Kosovo announced that some vehicles from the USA

The self-proclaimed President of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci, in respect of which the charges for war crimes 1998-1999 the Special Prosecutor's office in the Hague reported receiving military equipment from the United States for the Kosovo security force.

The President of the breakaway Republic of Kosovo and the former field commander of the Albanian troops from the 13th to the 17th July daily spent six hours on interrogation in the Special court for crimes in Kosovo in the Hague. June 24, Special Prosecutor of the international court of justice (SPO) announced the charges against Thaci's war crimes in 1998-1999, during the conflict in Kosovo and Metohija. He promised to resign if the court then approves the indictment and start proceedings.

On Monday, Thaci announced the receipt of the 42 military Humvee SUV from the US, which transferred to the Kosovo security force (KSF). The agreement of the Kosovo Albanian authorities in Pristina and the American company AM General was signed in 2018 and involves the supply of 51 military SUV.

"Informative meeting was held with the commander of the SBK Colonel-General Rahman Rama... Soon will start the call for new soldiers. The freedom and independence of the state and the army define our identity and the pride of a free democracy," Thaci wrote in Facebook and attached a photo of the SUV.

The Minister of defence of Serbia Alexander Wulin July 22, called estimated plans arms shipments from Germany to the breakaway Republic of Kosovo in violation of international law and weapons of Albanian terrorists. The Serbian newspaper "evening news" referring to sources has informed that the Kosovo Albanian authority in Pristina has already paid Germany 170 million euros for the supply of weapons and training of the personnel of the SBC and negotiating the purchase of a consignment of machine guns Heckler