The former mistress of the king of Spain Juan Carlos called to court

Ex-lover ex-head of Spain, king Juan Carlos, the entrepreneur Corinne Larsen called in the national court of Spain on 8 September to testify, told the court.

We are talking about the episode of the big case (the case of Tandem) in relation to the former police Commissioner Jose Villarejo, which was engaged in illegal wiretapping and record conversations with high-ranking politicians and businessmen and that 2017 is in pre-trial detention.

In this part of the case ("the case of Carol"), the court investigated the record private conversations Larsen and Villarejo, in which Corinne claimed that Juan Carlos had used surrogates, including his cousin álvaro of Orleans, and herself to open Swiss Bank accounts and registration of real estate.

In September 2018, the case was closed, but now – after the release of information about the ongoing investigation in Switzerland on the transfer to these accounts in 2008, $ 100 million of the Saudi Royal house - a Spanish judge Manuel Garcia Castellon decided to reopen the investigation. Swiss Prosecutor suggests that the money was received in connection with the subsequent conclusion of contracts with Spanish companies for the construction of high speed railway between Mecca and Medina. Part of the money was transferred into accounts of Larsen.

In addition to Larsen's testimony in early September will give himself Villarejo, the lawyer and his companion, Rafael Redondo, and also the former Chairman of Telefonica, Juan Villalonga.

In the message of the court on the resumption of the case also explained that the Swiss Prosecutor's office has requested the Spanish national court on legal cooperation.

In particular, as explained by the court, judge Manuel garcía castellón intends to investigate the information that Larsen instructed Villarejo to provide her with personal information about the "one man, citizen of Spain". In one of the conversations with Vilarejo Larsen mentioned that "concerned" that one of the assistants could "leak" information about her private life. "Villarejo provided her services, explaining that he has the best experts in the world. In this sense, the judge considers that it is necessary to clarify, whether carried out the order, paid for it, if she that may be part of the crime – bribery," - said in the message of the court.

The investigation of possible acquisition of Saudi money Juan Carlos, the Prosecutor's office of the Supreme court of Spain. However, the former head of state, which still bears the title of king, though honorable, might be responsible for their own actions, which he committed after the abdication, that is, June 2014, and only before the Supreme court.

The relationship of Juan Carlos and the German Princess and aristocrat went on for about ten years, writes in his book "End game" of the famous Spanish journalist Ana Romero, the couple broke up soon after the abdication of the king in 2014. Exactly Corinne accompanied the king during the famous trip to Botswana, where he was injured while hunting.