The expert commented on the situation on the border between Israel and Lebanon

The tension between Israel and the Lebanese movement "Hezbollah" is unlikely to turn into large-scale confrontation, Israel will not repeat the mistake of 2006, when the parties broke out an armed conflict, told RIA Novosti assistant Professor, Institute of social Sciences of Ranepa Sergey Demidenko.

Earlier it was reported the transfer by Israel of an additional infantry forces to the Northern border after Arab media reports about the death of a soldier of the Lebanese movement "Hezbollah" as a result of the Israeli air force strike in the South of Damascus on July 20. The Israeli army refused to comment on the RIA Novosti reports that Syria's air defense repelled an Israeli attack in the skies over their capital. On Monday, the Israeli military has reported "incident" on the border with Lebanon, and residents are asked to stay home. Also, according to the Lebanese TV channel "al-Mayadin", the Israeli army opened fire on the settlement Kafarshuba in southern Lebanon.

According to the expert, now in the relations of Israel and "Hezbollah" nothing new is going on, "Israel's efforts fit into the already thirty-year struggle with the movement".

"In many ways, of course, these Israeli actions, probably, are of a preventive nature, I don't think Israel will decide on a full scale invasion of Lebanese territory. First, because in 2006 he suffered a serious vaccine against it. Here is the war in the summer of 2006, she just gave Israel a fairly serious lesson in terms of the fact that the war with Hezbollah in Lebanon may become a very serious problem for Israel, as it was indeed then," said Demidenko.

"And now, I'm sure to repeat that mistake Israel will not, because then they have suffered unprecedented losses, it was destroyed several dozen tanks, Israel suffered significant losses in manpower and thus practically not achieved any of its goals," he said.

In his opinion, the likelihood that the situation will deteriorate into a large-scale conflict is low. "Moreover, it is almost hopeless story. Hezbollah enjoys the support of the Shiite population of southern Lebanon. Error then in 2006 was that they (Israel - ed.) misjudged the political situation," he said. The expert stressed that Israel will behave very cautiously.

The expert also noted that "Hezbollah" in turn, now a lot of the problems in Syria, so there are no prerequisites for worsening of the conflict from the movement.