In Ivanovo region the number of victims of coronavirus has increased to 86

Three severe patients with confirmed coronavirus infection has died per day in the Ivanovo region, the total number of deaths in the region rose to 86, according to the regional government.

As of July 27, in the Ivanovo area it is registered 6330 cases of new coronavirus infection, a day set 27 diagnoses. Of new cases of 10 people surveyed as received from SARS and pneumonia, 17 people became infected by contact with diseased previously.

Per day was discharged three people to date in Ivanovo region after COVID-19 4693 recovered patient.

"Statistics of mortality per day was added with three cases. It's two men from Ivanov: the patient is 64 years old (according to the severity of the condition was on a ventilator) and the patient is 65 years (for life COVID not diagnosed), a woman of 73 years of the Volga region (according to the severity of the condition immediately placed in chamber of intensive therapy). Occurrence of the disease was in all cases difficult," - said in the message.

Authorities say that patients had serious comorbidities, but the cause of death in all three cases was pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus infection.

Thus, in the region died in 86 patients with a confirmed COVID-19.

In hospitals at the moment are 483 people with COVID-19, including on the beds with oxygen to 160 guests. On the ventilator – nine patients.

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