On the coast of France has a unique eco-hotel

Off the coast of Brittany appeared floating eco-hotel with glass bottom and solar panels, according to Lonelyplanet.

It offers a panoramic view of the ocean, and the glass bottom allows you to monitor underwater world. Initially, the concept of such hotel appeared in the film about James bond "the Spy who loved me" 1977. They inspired the creators Anthénea.

The first was opened in port Trebeurden, on the coast of Brittany. Outside there are five solar panels, the energy from which provides the livelihoods of capsules, accommodating up to twelve people. It offers private bathrooms also come with sea water and a separate kitchen.

It is planned that starting from spring of 2021 will open some more such eco-hotels, when the situation of the pandemic will be resolved and flights will resume.

Night in hotel will cost 290 euros for a double room.