"Pretty cool": the Swedes struck by a passing Russian submarine

. Vacationing near the Scandinavian Peninsula, the Swedes ran into a Russian submarine and was amazed by its size. This they told the newspaper Expressen.

As noted 23-year-old Rasmus Karlsson, together with friends he went sailing to the island of the dredge. About six in the evening, when the yacht passed under the Øresund bridge, next to the surfaced submarine.

"We all saw her and were amazed: it was just a giant", he was quoted a tabloid.

First, the Swedes took the submarine over the Scottish because the flag of this country like the canvas naval fleet.

"My buddy was just joking that it's like a Russian submarine," said Rasmus.

He said that on the bridge stood four people, one of them waved to them.

According to the guy, the submarine sailed just 30 metres from the boat.

"She was very big and made a loud sound", — he shared his impressions with journalists.

Karlsson added that now they are buddies all the time I remember my meeting with the Russian submarine.

"I often go out to sea under a sail, but nothing like this has ever seen. It was a little uncomfortable, but it's actually fucking cool," he said.

The Swedish armed forces confirmed that the submarine belongs to the Russian Navy. They called the incident "a simple move".