Tajikistan declared the presence of its citizens in Syrian camps

About 500 Tajik citizens are in the camps of Syria, 286 of them women and children, told reporters, Tajik Minister of foreign Affairs Sirojiddin muhriddin.

"In Syria, about 500 citizens of Tajikistan, including 286 women and children are in camps of opposition groups controlled by the Kurds," he said.

According to Muhiddin, Ministry of foreign Affairs of Tajikistan cooperates closely with Syria in this direction. "The Ambassador of Tajikistan in Kuwait visits to Syria and is negotiating for the return of citizens of the Republic with the government and with representatives of the Syrian opposition (Kurdish) forces, as part of the camps are in the territories under their control," - said the Minister.

He noted that in this matter Tajikistan also cooperates with UNICEF, International Red Cross, including to determine the exact number of its citizens in camps.

"The pandemic is in the early stages we are currently not able to take measures for their return, the question remains open. There was also no information on the number of our citizens who contracted COVID-19 in these camps," said muhriddin the Minister.

World health organization March 11 announced the outbreak of a new coronavirus infection COVID-19 pandemic. According to the latest who data, the world revealed more than 15.5 million cases, more than 635 thousand people died.

30 April 2019 from Iraq to Dushanbe was delivered the 84 children - Tajik militants from extremist groups, who were in the camps or prisons of Iraq. Most of their fathers were killed in the fighting, and mothers are in Iraqi jails for aiding terrorists. The Tajik government initially stated that these children will be returned to the relatives, but all were distributed in boarding schools and orphanages. At the end of June 2019 the children's Ombudsman of Tajikistan Rajabmo Habibulina reported that none of the relatives of these children have not yet applied for the issue of their adoption.