Shapsha handed over the signatures in his support on elections of the head of the Kaluga region

The acting Governor of the Kaluga region Vladislav Shapsha on Monday handed over to the regional election Commission the signatures in its support for registration for participation in elections of the head of the region, told RIA Novosti the representative of the electoral headquarters of Shepsi.

According to the regional election Commission, alleged member of the Governor's election to register himself as a candidate should collect in the support signatures of deputies of representative bodies of municipal entities and (or) elected in the municipal elections of heads of municipal formations. The number of such signatures shall be 5% of the total number of the deputies and heads.

A spokesman said that Shapsha submitted to the electoral Commission 137 parliamentary signatures.

"Deputies have supported, I thank them for their support. After verification of these documents will be an official registration as a candidate, and I as well was a candidate starts the election procedure," - said the acting Governor told reporters.

The question is, does he have power on the campaign Shapsha said, "I Guess, yeah."

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has appointed Vladislav Shapshu February 13, 2020, acting Governor. Before Shapsha held the position of head of Obninsk.

Early elections of the Governor of the Kaluga region scheduled for September 13. In a single day of voting in the Kaluga region also will pass elections of deputies of regional legislative Assembly, deputies of the city Duma and a number of municipal elections.