The opponent of the historian Sokolov spoke in court for the murder of PhD student

The scientific opponent of the accused in the murder of PhD student historian Oleg Sokolov, journalist Eugene Panasenkov made in court as a witness for the prosecution, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

"I saw this Sokolov several times in the early 2000-ies on the Borodino field during the reconstruction, he was always drunk, the more we personally communicated. You can't trust him, he is lying all the time, he's a good actor," said the court Panasenkov.

His words caused a storm of indignation at Sokolov, who made a few remarks during testimony Panasenkova. "Oleg Valerievich, I'm issuing you a warning last time. If you have something you wanna comment, I'll remove you from the hall to the judicial debate," he made the remark to historian judge Yulia Maximenko.

After the interrogation of the witness Sokolov several times repeated that, in his opinion, Panasenkov was the cause of the traumatic situation, which turned out to Sokolov and his graduate student Anastasia Yeshchenko. As stated by the falcons, with the filing Panasenkova he and Anastasia had received life threats, insults rained down.

Because of the absence of other witnesses, the court adjourned the hearing until August 3.

Ex-Professor of St. Petersburg University (SPbSU, Russia) Oleg Sokolov is accused of killing Anastasia Yeshchenko and illegal possession of weapons. According to the investigation, the falcons at home in St. Petersburg, shot and killed a graduate student, and his beloved shotgun, and the next day decided to get rid of the body, dividing it. The morning of November 9 the historian pulled out of the Moika river: he tried to throw the remains of Eschenko, but slipped into the water, and in his backpack was discovered a severed female hands.

Eschenko is a former student and a beloved 63-year-old Sokolov, they have written several scientific papers and lived together in the apartment of the historian on the Moika embankment, where the investigators found fragments of a female body. At the trial on remand for the period of the preliminary investigation, Sokolov confessed to the crime. The motive for the crime, he called the fight with Eschenko.