Media reported about the growing tension on the border of Lebanon and Israel

The Israeli army is amassing forces to the Lebanese border and taking additional measures in anticipation of retaliation for the Lebanese movement "Hezbollah" after the death of its fighters as a result of Israeli air RAID in the South of Damascus, writes the Lebanese newspaper "al-Akhbar".

According to the newspaper, the Israeli military went on the alert, without waiting for the official statements of the Shiite party, while the leadership of Hezbollah is in no hurry to give any of the promises associated with the responses, reserving the right to respond in any place at any time.

Deputy Hezbollah leader Naim Qassem in an interview to TV channel "al-Mayadin" on Sunday, refused to answer a direct question about possible retaliatory action, but noted that the rules of war with Israel and the balance of power is saved and the promise of the Shiite leader of the response to the murder of members of the movement has not been canceled. Thus, according to Qassem, the "Hezbollah" consider a new military conflict with Israel is unlikely in the coming months.

The newspaper "al-Bina", in turn, predicts an even greater increase of tension on the southern border of Lebanon following statements by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's intention to strike in response to possible actions of fighters of the Shiite resistance. According to the newspaper, the head of the Israeli Ministry of foreign Affairs Gabi Ashkenazi sent a message through intermediaries to the representatives of "Hezbollah" in which he calls for restraint and de-escalation of tensions, noting that the killing of the Shiite soldier in the South of Damascus was accidental and was not the target of the strikes.

Netanyahu on Sunday said that Iran will not be allowed to establish a military base on the Northern border of Israel, and called Lebanon and Syria responsible for any attacks on Israel from their territory.

On Friday, Israeli helicopters struck another blow to the Syrian army positions in the Golan heights after the border of Israel and Syria, the bombings and were damaged the building and vehicle in Israeli territory.

Sunday in the skies over southern Lebanon crashed reconnaissance drone of the army of Israel. Israeli forces continue to systematically violate the airspace of neighbouring States. The Lebanese army command daily reports of incursions by military aircraft and drones from the Israeli side.

Earlier, Lebanese writer and political analyst wisam buzzy told RIA Novosti that a new war between Israel and Hezbollah is unlikely in the foreseeable future. According to experts, this is due to the General sentiment in Israel itself, and the defensive abilities of the Shiite resistance, which are priced high enough today.