The head of the USC has offered to build a container ship for work in the Caspian sea

United shipbuilding Corporation (USC) proposes to create a container ship for work in the Caspian sea, a point of transshipment of containers can become Astrakhan, the head of the USC Alexey Rakhmanov at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

USC previously announced work on the creation of a catamaran for operation in the Caspian sea, capable of carrying over 150 trucks.

"... We have another very interesting decision in respect of the Caspian sea, I would like to focus attention on it, is a container ship who can walk almost from the Northern port of Anzali in Iran and to reach Helsinki in 17 days," - said Rakhmanov.

"Astrakhan in this sense can become the base point for the transshipment of containers and containerization to date, works very effectively for grain, for perishable fruits, if you take the refrigerated section. Similarly, the containers are inserted tanks which can carry sunflower oil", he added.

OSK is the largest shipbuilding company in Russia, established in 2007 with 100% shares in Federal ownership. The holding includes about 40 enterprises and organizations in the industry. Currently, USC has consolidated most of the domestic shipbuilding complex.