St. Isaac's Cathedral has no plans to reduce staff

State Museum-monument St. Isaac's Cathedral in St. Petersburg has no plans to reduce employees because of losses on the background of the epidemiological situation, announced the Director of the Museum Yuri Mudrov.

"We're not cutting and not going to cut," said wise at a press conference in the online mode.

Director Isaac called the staff of the Museum mixed age. According to him, the number of staff is about 10 people of advanced years, including two guides who survived the siege of Leningrad, whose tours are very popular among visitors. "Today, they have savings", - he said.

Mudrov refrained from making an accurate assessment of the losses suffered by St. Isaac's Cathedral during the work without visitors in the background of the pandemic coronavirus. "It's not one hundred millions roubles", - he said.

Thus, according to Mudrova, the Museum "remained afloat".

"I wouldn't say that we were in the pit (in the background of unfavorable epidemiological situation – ed.) we sat down a little bit," said he, adding that Isaac's Cathedral will be able to carry out all the plans for 2020, if not "brutal" second wave COVID-19.

The colonnade of St. Isaac's Cathedral was resumed on 16 July, he Isaac's Cathedral – July 19, Church of the Savior on Blood – July 23. According to Mudrova, since the opening of the colonnade, St. Isaac's Cathedral was visited by about 43 thousand people. The attendance of the objects of the Museum complex as a whole declined about 10 times with respect to their compliance with sanitary norms.

St. Isaac's Cathedral was built in 1818-1858 years by architect Auguste Montferrand. Its height exceeds 100 meters, and the inner area — more than 4 thousand square meters. The State Museum-monument "St. Isaac's Cathedral" also includes the Church of Resurrection (Savior on spilled Blood), the chapel-Museum of the Savior on spilled Blood.

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