The tour operator noted a heavy demand for holidays in Tanzania

A flurry of phone calls to travel companies began to come from those who want to go to Tanzania after that country was allowed to resume flights, told RIA Novosti the General Director of company "Art-Tour" Dmitry Arutyunov.

Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova last week announced that Russia from August 1, will resume flights from the UK, Turkey and Tanzania.

"Before the pandemic, our company was quite active in sending tourists to Tanzania. After it became known that the list of countries with which air traffic was allowed, got Tanzania, the number of calls, even on weekends, has increased manyfold. Tourists are now actively interested in this direction, someone has to reserve tours and books tickets, ground handling," said Arutyunov.

He noted that the Russian authorities, made such an unusual list of countries, arranged, might themselves without planning, an advertising company Tanzania, that the country itself would not do. It has unexpectedly been very popular among Russian tourists.

"That in Tanzania you can fly from 1 August, only became known on Friday, so today is the first full working day. The demand for this country is not reflected in the real sales, but we can talk about it as heavy", - considers Arutiunov.