The Russian military began military exercises in the North Caucasus and in Transcaucasia

More than 5 thousand servicemen of the southern military district began bilateral battalion tactical exercises simultaneously in five regions of the North and South Caucasus, the press service of YUVO.

Maneuvers in preparation for large-scale exercises "Caucasus-2020" held in Dagestan, North Ossetia, Chechnya, and military bases of the southern military district in Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

"Battalion tactical groups of infantry, armored and artillery military units made marches combined method for military landfills, where they will perform academic tasks with carrying out fighting firing practice", - stated in the message.

Fire support and operational delivery of personnel of combat groups of tactical air assault provide planes and helicopters, the merger of air force and air defense district.

On the stages of combat will involve shooting artillery battalions and batteries of reactive systems of volley fire "Tornado", "Grad", self-propelled "Msta-s", "Carnation", "acacia". In the reconnaissance and fire weapon systems - tanks T-72B3, T-90 and battle machine of infantry BMP-3.

"Battalion tactical exercises, as well as a number of special teachings are the basis of preparations for the strategic command and staff exercises "Caucasus-2020", - quotes the commander of the southern military district, army General Alexander Dvornikov.

He set the task of the regional control center to provide video surveillance from all of your training exercises in real-time.