Firefighters brought under control a fire in Central Portugal

Firefighters managed to control the fire raging in Central Portugal, said the Agency Lusa, citing the National office of emergencies and civil protection of Portugal.

Saturday firefighters are battling a fire in the area of the municipality Oleiros in the Central part of the country, which has spread to neighboring areas. Some local residents were evacuated. On the site there are more than 850 firefighters and 270 vehicles and 14 helicopters and airplanes. Saturday accident fire truck and one fireman was killed and seven were injured.

As reported, firefighters managed to bring the fire under control by 8.00 am (10.00 GMT). It is noted that there remain "hot spots".

According to preliminary estimates, the fire covered an area of 6 thousand hectares.

Previously, the government of Portugal has introduced the mode of increased readiness in connection with threat of distribution of fires. In the framework of the precautionary measures to be prohibited in certain forests, as well as on the intersecting roads. All agricultural work except feed the animals, is prohibited.