Tajikistan takes measures against the infiltration of militants from Afghanistan

Tajikistan is taking all necessary measures to prevent the infiltration of militants from Afghanistan, the border is controlled, said, answering the question of RIA Novosti, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Tajikistan, sirodjidin muhriddin.

"The situation on the Tajik-Afghan border remains tense, as on the adjacent side (Afghanistan) of the group of militants recent attacks on government positions of power structures of Afghanistan. But we take all necessary measures to prevent the infiltration of militants from Afghanistan to Tajikistan," he said.

In his words, Tajikistan is in constant contact with the Afghan security authorities, the exchange of operational information on the situation on the border. "The border troops of Tajikistan are at a high level of combat readiness and is able to protect the state border. In addition, the issues of security on the Tajik-Afghan border Tajikistan are constantly in discussion with partners in the CSTO and international organizations", – said Muhiddin.

Answering the question about the possible return of Russian border guards on the Tajik-Afghan border, the foreign Minister noted that "the question of the return of Russian border guards was not on the agenda of the Tajik-Russian negotiations and was not considered".

Last week the President of Tajikistan held a meeting of the security Council. During the meeting the sides discussed the difficult situation on the state border of Tajikistan and Afghanistan in the South direction of the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous region.

In connection with the worsening situation, the President instructed the members of the security Council, heads of power structures and law enforcement bodies to take measures to ensure security on the border with Afghanistan, the Tajik areas.