The Ministry of health of Lebanon is recommended to close the country for two weeks due COVID-19

The Lebanese Ministry of health made a recommendation to close the country for two weeks due to the daily increase in the number of infected with a coronavirus.

"We recommend to close the country for two weeks, with the exception of the airport", - quotes words of the Minister of health Hamed Hassan, the Lebanese national Agency NNA.

Hassan said that now is not the time "to surrender" in the fight against the pandemic, and it is necessary to toughen measures to combat the spread of a coronavirus.

In connection with the refusal of some hospitals to accept patients, state hospital Rafic Hariri will be transferred in amplified clock mode.

The Ministry of health of Lebanon also ordered on Monday to prohibit the visit all the sick in the hospital, in order to minimize contact with possible carriers of the coronavirus in health care facilities.

In Lebanon in July rose sharply daily statistics on new cases of infection COVID-19. Over the past day, according to the health Ministry, it was revealed that 168 new cases the previous day - 175. According to some, a sharp increase in patients is associated with the opening in early July, the international airport, but local authorities repeatedly stated that negative feedback is the result of the irresponsible behaviour of citizens who do not comply with the basic conditions for the protection of themselves and others.

Only in Lebanon 3764 recorded cases of infection to date.

The Lebanese government in early March announced the introduction of a regime for civil mobilization, which lasted until the beginning of July. In the framework of preventive measures the first three months were closed almost all the public and private sectors, restaurants, beaches and tourist sites in all cities of the country there were curfews at night. From the end of April began the phased lifting of restrictions. In June the average increase in days the country did not exceed 10-15 people.

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