In the Samara region the number of victims of coronavirus has reached 81

Another patient with a coronavirus, died in the Samara region, the man had a chronic disease, only in the region 81 was fatal case, according to the regional headquarters for the fight against COVID-19.

On Monday, Federal staff said that the day in Russia died 85 people with the coronavirus, including one in Samara region.

"Just that... died, 81 people, including a man 80 years old, who suffered from cancer, and diseases of the kidneys and the cardiovascular system", - stated in the message.

In the Samara region during the day, also confirmed 37 new cases of infection with coronavirus. According to the regional oberstab, 33 people COVID-19 was confirmed by the receipt of SARS or pneumonia, three people contracted from earlier cases, one after returning from the Orenburg region.

Only in the Samara region since the beginning of the pandemic identified 6697 cases of infection with coronavirus, 4461 recovered.

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